Past Issues

Winter 2015

Health Share

Satvinder “Pearly” Dhingra sees a world where everybody can be a “citizen scientist.” Dhingra, a former health scientist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention turned entrepreneur, envisions a future where cellphones, smart watches, fitness trackers and other devices will connect with networks of scientists and lay people to allow researchers to make huge…

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Sultans of Seduction

The sheikh holds a really important position in the history of mass-market romance novels. E.M. Hull’s 1919 novel “The Sheik” is one of the early inspirations. Hull’s novel was made even more famous by the 1921 silent film starring Rudolph Valentino. “The Sheik” is a classic “bodice ripper” type of romance novel, which means that the sheikh-hero was an alpha male character who essentially forced himself on the heroine.