Past Issues

Winter 2014

From the President

I had the pleasure last month of cutting the ribbon for the opening of Georgia State’s newest interactive space on campus. We call it CURVE (Collaborative University Research and Visualization Environment) and it’s a place where technology and classroom teaching intersect in amazing new ways. A dozen 55-inch displays wrap around the room, allowing professors…

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Playing for Peace

Ben Spears (M.P.A. ’14) spent the first half of last year in one of the most fought over and unstable regions on Earth playing a relatively obscure sport with kids. Ben Spears. Photo by Ben Rollins Spears is a leadership development coach with Ultimate Peace, a nonprofit organization that connects youth in areas divided by conflict through…

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Next Step: Literacy

Early County is a remote patch of southwestern Georgia bottomland pinned against the Chattahoochee River at the Alabama border. More than half of the county’s 11,000 residents are scattered across the countryside, many on farms — peanut and cotton, mostly. Cell phone reception is spotty, and those who can afford Internet access get barely enough bandwidth to check their email account, if they have one.

A Classical Approach

Five nights a week on New York Public Radio’s WQXR 105.9 FM, Terrance McKnight (M.Mu. ’95) takes over the airwaves to guide listeners through the world of classical music. McKnight came to Georgia State in 1992 to study piano pedagogy after earning his bachelor’s degree in performance at Morehouse College. A hand injury during graduate…

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Go about a mile and a half up Marietta Street from Georgia State’s campus, hang a left on Means Street into an industrial corridor of 19th century warehouses and you’ll find yourself at the offices of MailChimp. Inside, skateboard decks and graffiti decorate exposed brick walls, and dozens of plush primates dressed like a mail carrier — Freddie, the company…

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The Force is Strong with this One

Grad student/lawyer/teacher Brandy Roatsey is the Jedi of Star Wars programming at Dragon Con.

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Head Of The Class

Following last year’s announcement of an ambitious plan to overhaul Georgia State’s campus with courtyards, gathering spaces and increased walkability, university planners and educators are now turning their attention to the classrooms. They’re looking beyond desks and overhead projectors to create spaces that will change not just where but how students learn. It’s a change…

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An Ambassador of Culture

During World War II when Hideko Kato was 19 years old, U.S. forces firebombed her home during an air raid of Tokyo. Just a few years later, during the U.S. occupation of Japan, she found herself working for U.S. Gen. Douglas McArthur in his headquarters as a translator and English stenographer. “We were all so…

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