Past Issues

Summer 2015

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The New Normal

“Jason,” a pre-med student at Georgia State, holds leadership roles in several clubs, has conducted research with doctors at a local hospital and still makes time for his girlfriend, who’s also a college student. And most recently, Jason has taken a weekend restaurant job to help pay his rent. “I used to use weekends to…

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The Longshot

Mark DiNatale isn’t your stereotypical sports fan. He lives on the Goat Farm, an idyllic arts community on Atlanta’s west side, where he works as director of operations and programming and hangs out in the name-your-price coffee shop listening to foreign jazz. He grew up in Atlanta playing baseball and football and pulling for the…

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Marketing Poison

For five years, Monica Swahn has studied the no-holds barred approach to marketing alcohol in the crowded slums of Kampala, Uganda, and how easy access to alcohol has helped fuel high rates of HIV transmission. Unlike the U.S., which has strict rules on where and how alcohol can be marketed, the industry is self-regulating in…

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History And Handlebars

There are many reasons to start your own business. Maybe you see a need in the community that’s not being met. You have a skill or expertise you believe is marketable. Perhaps you have a lifelong passion that you’re trying to fulfill.Or maybe you just can’t think of anything else to do.

A Volcano … Online

Scientists know a lot more about volcanoes than they did in 1980 when the eruption of Mt. St. Helens in Washington State killed 57 people and caused more than $1.1 billion in damage. Advances in sensor technology and computer modeling have helped volcanologists predict the likelihood of an eruption, but researchers still have to physically…

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Life With Flannery

Bill Sessions sat down at a table in room 312 of the Holiday Inn Express in Milledge­ville, Ga., by Highway 441, and blew the dust off a metal box. Inside? The makings, as Sessions puts it, of “a book that would make a difference.” Actually, two books and count­ ing. Sessions would use the personal pa­pers of Flannery O’Connor to “animate” her in written words once again.

First, We Eat…

Grace Stuhrman, a graduate student in nutrition, is taking on food insecurity on campus by helping to start a food pantry.

A Dedicated Home

College of Law Dean Steven J. Kaminshine talks about the college’s new building, opening this fall, at the
corner of John Wesley Dobbs Avenue and Park Place.