Past Issues

Summer 2011


The Wild Life

“It’s called a ‘Liesegang,'” says Carson Tortorige, pointing up to a curved, reddish-brown band of iron embedded in an enormous sandstone outcrop along the Waterfall Trail in Cloudland Canyon State Park.

A Sweet Job

Kat Cole Kat Cole (M.B.A. ’10) has always viewed the world with no borders or boundaries. She went from being recommended as one of the best young employees serving wings at a Hooters of America restaurant in Orange Park, Fla., to eventually rising to vice president of the company. When she was just 19, Cole…

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Feet First

For nearly 75 minutes, Ron Hunter has been talking – virtually non-stop, much like his basketball teams always run and shoot the three or dunk, the shot clock be damned.

On the Front Line of Public Health

Robert L. Jones When the public’s health is in danger, Robert L. Jones (B.S. ’77, M.S. ’79, Ph.D. ’86) and the Centers for Disease Control are there. For the centers to do their jobs, they need science – not just epidemiology, but an army of laboratory scientists developing cutting-edge methods for detecting a wide range…

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Robinson’s Way

Sweating the small details helped put Winifred Akande through Georgia State, and details were many the night of May 7, 2009.

Mr. Marvelous

For David Liss (M.A.’93), creating polished, awe-inspiring fictional characters is nothing new. But now, instead of crafting his own protagonist, the best-selling author is writing from the point of view of a bona-fide Marvel Comics superhero: The Black Panther. Last year, Liss made the jump from novels to comics when he was hired to pen…

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On Campus: Josh Sanders

Josh Sanders is a Presidential Scholar and winner of the national KPMG Academic Award for Excellence.

Food for Thought

Page Love Page Love (M.S.’90) has worked with athletes from around the country to improve their health and performance. Currently the nutritionist works with the Atlanta Braves organization and the ATP and WTA Professional Tennis Tours to maximize athletes’ energy and performance. Her journey started back in 1976 in grade school when she complained about…

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