Past Issues

Spring 2014

The Guardian

Erin Hanson is in the protection business. The mother of five and her husband, Lee, own The Hanson Group, a technology and material sciences company that has developed a range of protective products, including transparent armor for U.S. military vehicles, for example. Several years ago, the company worked with a football helmet manufacturer to create…

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Atlanta’s Champion

Does anyone love Atlanta more than Sam Massell? Does any other human being draw breath today who has worked harder, longer and more productively than Massell, ex-mayor and an icon of civic involvement, at transforming Atlanta into the ninth-largest U.S. metro area? Current Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed gives fulsome credit to the 86-year-old Georgia State…

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Behind the Phenomenon

SENOIA, Ga.— This town loves the undead. So much so that when AMC’s post-apocalyptic megahit, “The Walking Dead,” is filming here, residents and business owners clear out for days at a time and deliberately let their lawns go feral. This handsome little hamlet an hour south of Atlanta is zombie ground zero. Its Main Street…

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Battle of the Bands

It’s an age-old tale: two popular bands have a fight, the media covers both sides, and both groups get plenty of publicity. It certainly worked for the clean-cut Beatles and the wild Rolling Stones, two of the biggest rock bands in history. The rift between the groups was legendary, and is still debated among music…

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Ann-Marie Campbell’s American Dream

When you’ve risen high enough in the corporate hierarchy to be presented with your own bobblehead doll, it can be hard to stay grounded. But that hasn’t been an issue for Ann-Marie Campbell (MBA ’05, B.A. ’07), president of Home Depot’s Southern Division. One reason is the collection of orange aprons she has hanging just…

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The Super Sleuth

A Boston book dealer paid half a million dollars in 2005 for an original printer’s proof of the “Siderius Nuncius,” Galileo’s most important work. The buyer did his due diligence, having the book authenticated by professors at Harvard University, the University of Padua and the Institute for Advanced Studies in Berlin. But it was a fake. Nick Wilding, assistant professor of history…

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Robot Therapy

For physical therapists, children with cerebral palsy present a unique challenge. The children see and understand, but because they lack control over their movements, they can’t easily repeat modeled movements. Making an assessment can be difficult. The solution may look like a toy — a robot that can play with children with cerebral palsy and…

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The Braves’ New World

Bruce Seaman, associate professor of economics and expert in the business of sports, weighs in on the Atlanta Braves’ controversial move out of downtown to the ‘burbs