Past Issues

Spring 2012

Better Breathing

Arzu Ari discovers ways to improve delivery of aerosol medications We can live for a few days without water and for a few more days without food. But breathing is a moment-by-moment requirement for life, and in an emergency, seconds matter. Life-saving respiratory medications such as albuterol, delivered by aerosol, help make a difference on…

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Life in the Lab: Guoxing Fu

Guoxing Fu is a Ph.D. student in the lab of Regents’ Professor of Structural Biology Irene Weber, whose lab focuses on understanding the molecular basis of disease and helping to develop new treatment strategies for cancer and other diseases

Former President Jimmy Carter is filmed for an app video.

History in Hand

GSU team brings the Gold Dome to life with new app Photography by Meg Buscema Chris Escobar (right) met professor Tim Crimmins in one of GSU’s Freshmen Learning Communities. Now the pair has created an app that lets visitors tour Georgia’s Capitol building. For more than a century, the wood and marble halls of Georgia’s…

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Sail Blazing

Myrna Truitt (B.A. ’62) took a while to hit her stride as a pioneer. She started breaking new ground early, as the first in her family to get a college degree. She put herself through Georgia State College, as GSU was then known, working part-time as a secretary in its Bureau of Business and Economic…

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Business Etiquette

Business Etiquette

Here to Stay, So Take Note. Manners never go out of style Illustrations by Elizabeth Landt Etiquette is such an old-fashioned word, inviting visions of pinky fingers properly perched by porcelain cups, and haberdashery held patiently in chivalrous hands. Of French origin, the word can seem hoity-toity and off-putting. But make no mistake. Despite decades…

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The Sports Desk

Tiffany Blackmon (B.A. ’07) always figured she’d have a career in sports; it was just a matter of whether it would be on the field or in front of the camera.

Building for the Future

President Mark P. Becker Nearly everywhere I go, I am reminded of the impact Georgia State University has on the Atlanta community and far beyond. In this issue, follow the remarkable story of a GSU professor and a student who teamed up to use technology to make the history of the Georgia Capitol building –…

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A Legacy in the Making

As the third generation to helm his family’s business, Jay Bernath (M.B.A. ’92) knows a thing or two about keeping up ties. This July, he will assume the presidency of the GSU Alumni Association, a position that will capitalize on this particular strength to the benefit of his alma mater.