Past Issues

Spring 2011

Scientific Achievement

Haoxing Xu (Ph.D. ’01) wants to know how cells work. By understanding how cells sense what’s going on around them, he’s helping to uncover better treatments for ailments like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, and even skin cancer. Thanks to this groundbreaking work, the scientist who honed his skills in GSU labs has been honored with…

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Branching Out

Suspended by ropes in a 60-foot tree at Blackburn Park in Atlanta is how Adrian Sasine (M.B.A. ’03) enjoys spending time. Sasine is a tree climbing facilitator for Tree Climbers International, and he has been climbing trees ever since he saw the company on television around 2006. “I’ve always been an outdoorsy person and I…

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Going the Distance

For April Gellatly Burkey (B.A. ’07), becoming a triathlete was originally a way to heal. When her father died in 2003, she left Youngstown State University where she had a swimming scholarship to move closer to family in Atlanta. Her new university, Georgia State, did not have a swimming program. “I just needed something, and…

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Soaring High to Stop Hunger

Vicki Escarra (B.S. ‘ 76) is putting her Delta background to work to fulfill her passion for helping the needy.

Adventures in Service

If not for the encouragement of her GSU Spanish professor, Lee Hitchcock Lacy (B.A. ’70) might never have traveled abroad after graduation – and if not for that experience, she might never have embarked on a 30-year career with the Peace Corps. “I had such excellent professors … they gave me the confidence to buy…

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Radio At State

For 40 years, WRAS Album 88 has been on of the nation’s most inventive and respected college radio stations.


The Guest List

Richard Laub, director of the Heritage Preservation Program in the Department of History, has been working with his students to identify and help protect historic sites along the proposed Atlanta Beltline. He shares 10 of his top historic sites along the 22-mile Beltline: Sears and Roebuck Company Building Built in 1926 as a catalog center…

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Demons & Democracy

Modern and Classical Languages Chair Fernando Reati faces his own difficult past to teach valuable lessons on human rights.