Past Issues

Spring 2011

At Issue: Serving Those Most in Need

Not uncommonly, I receive calls from Georgians seeking psychological services for themselves or for their children. Given that I have spent most of my life in Atlanta and the past 15 years in GSU’s Department of Psychology, I am routinely discouraged by how few referrals I can offer due to a shortage of trained professionals. The explanation for this scarcity is complex, but the problem is not insurmountable.

History 101: Petit Science Center

Opened in March 2010, the Parker H. Petit Science Center is a high-tech, 350,000-square-foot building that is home to advances in research and learning, attracting educators from a wide array of disciplines, ranging from biology to nursing.


Sanchez Dixon and Tamara Coleman, seniors majoring in music technology and music management respectively, are members of the contemporary gospel quartet, Turning Pointe.

Globetrotters of Golf

It took a bit of arm twisting to persuade Cathy Mant to become GSU’s first full-time women’s golf coach.

The 10-year, LPGA Tour veteran was an instructor at Eagle’s Landing Golf Club back in 2000 when Trey Jones, then the men’s coach and director of Golf Operations, first approached her to take over the program.

The Biggest Artist on Campus

At 6 feet, 10 inches tall and 230 pounds, James Vincent is a force in the paint for the Panthers basketball team – but he may be just as talented painting in the art studio as he is blocking shots and pulling down rebounds on the basketball court.

The Science of Art History

In Egypt, the burial places and the works of art within them form masterpieces that have stood the test of millennia. But even after centuries of work by historians and archaeologists, many mysteries remain.

Enriching Communities, Impacting Lives

In my more than two years here, I have cherished little more than the many wonderful people I’ve met – alumni, students, faculty, staff, community supporters and other friends of GSU; they are people who are passionate about Georgia State University. At every turn, it seems, I meet yet another person with an amazing story…

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Old Drugs, New Tricks

Jian-Dong Li outside of his lab in GSU’s Parker H. Petit Science Center. New center explores a traditional medicine to treat inflammation Like a weapon wielded in battle, inflammation is the body’s natural way of fighting off foreign invaders like viruses or bacteria. But when this weapon goes unchecked, the results can be debilitating. For…

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