Past Issues

Fall 2015

From the President

I remember well when I traveled to Toulouse, France, as a young assistant professor to speak at my first international conference. It was the first time I had traveled internationally on my own, and I can remember the nervous excitement I felt. Navigating my way through French customs and the Paris subway system, taking the…

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Into Cuba

CALLE 18, NO. 312, VEDADO, HAVANA, CUBA. When Joey Velazquez (B.A. ’17) stepped foot on Cuban terra firma May 7, that address, handwritten on a half-torn piece of notebook paper, was stuffed in his pocket. It’s the number of the house his adoptive father, Aramis Velazquez, the man he calls his dad, lived in until…

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Culture Change

Six ambitious football players parachuted into the Georgia State football complex on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in January. That’s six trained-up ballers arriving to join the scuffling Panthers and help them finally get a big toe into the door of Division 1 football, instead of having that toe bloodied as the door slammed on…

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Positive Action

On a rainy September morning in San Jose, Costa Rica, Gabi Zedlmayer is trekking through the La Selva rainforest, catching up with scientists monitoring the region’s ecosystem. Zedlmayer, vice president and chief progress officer at Hewlett-Packard, guides the company’s sustainability efforts ranging from healthcare to education and job creation to conservation. The sun rises on…

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The Ascent

MOUNT BAKER is an active glaciated volcano in the North Cascades of Washington State. At 10,786 feet, it’s the third-highest summit in the state and the iciest mountain in the Cascade Range. Crevasses are a major danger. So are avalanches. The mountain’s capricious weather can make the snowpack unstable, even on its smaller slopes. In…

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Covering A Crisis

Derar is a young, stocky Syrian with penetrating eyes and an abrupt urgency. He is also a refugee involved in “the uprising” since Syrians first began to petition for reforms to the government. He was imprisoned and beaten — with the scars to prove it — before fleeing to Turkey for safety. Would he go…

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Legacy in the Making

Georgia State runs in the family for Anna Boswell. The travel-loving junior wasn’t the first in her family to attend Georgia State. Boswell’s great-grandmother graduated with a bachelor of commercial science degree in 1938. Boswell is a recent recipient of the Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship. Given her strong familial ties to the campus, you might…

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In Print

Jess Hinshaw and his wife Beth (M.Ed. ‘10) needed one last adventure before entering the professional world. “I was worried that my life was moving in the direction of permanence, and I wanted to travel before I got settled,” Hinshaw said. The couple had an old friend in Joshua Warlick (B.F.A. ‘08) who taught English…

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