Past Issues

2013 Special Centennial Edition


A Resourceful Institution

George Sparks, the school’s first president, invested in and oversaw rapid growth and change at the downtown campus George M. Sparks didn’t have the academic credentials expected of a higher education leader when he became director of the Georgia Tech Evening School of Commerce in 1928. He had made a name for himself as a…

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The Veteran Experience

GIs returning from WWII found a home — warts and all— at Georgia State John C. Pope I went into service immediately after high school when the war was just getting started, in August of 1942. I was discharged in 1946 and in 1948 entered the University of Georgia in Athens, where I lived on…

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Georgia State University Plaza 1985

An Urban University Emerges

Under Noah Langdale, Georgia State grew academically and physically and achieved university status.

Artist Rendering

The First Master Plan

The master plan was a comprehensive one calling for an elevated campus with a series of plazas connected by walkways. One major aspect of the plan called for rich landscaping of open spaces. The Charles Center subway station in Baltimore, Constitution Plaza in Hartford, Conn., and Midtown Plaza in Rochester, N.Y., all feature expansive plazas…

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WRAS Hits the Airwaves

The 100,000-watt Voice of Georgia State spun its first record more than 40 years ago Although WRAS is now the most powerful and one of the most highly respected all-student-programmed radio station in the country with more than 50,000 weekly listeners, the station humbly began in the 1960s with a hand-me-down FM signal. What we…

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Students reading the paper

Campus Hangouts

Before the Student University Center became a convenient place to eat, study and socialize, Georgia State students had been escaping their academic life at downtown city parks, pubs and eventually on the Plaza, which was built in the early 1970s. “We mostly hung in the Plaza,” said Melissa Brennaman (B.A. ’89, M.P.A. ’93). “There was…

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Alongside Atlanta

In the second half of the century, Georgia State grew in lockstep with its city.

Students crossing Peachtree

Expanding — Locally and Globally

The past 25 years have seen the transformation of student life and campus Asked how Georgia State has most changed over the past quarter century, the average alumnus is likely to note the university’s transformation from an evening commuter school to a 24/7 campus with all the traditional collegiate trappings — dorms, Greek housing and,…

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