Past Issues

Fall 2013


The Planet Hunters

Hard as it may be to believe, Samuel Quinn doesn’t remember exactly where he was or what he was doing the day he discovered two new planets. “Probably sitting at home. Maybe working on my laptop?” he hazards when asked to describe his moment of discovery. The rest of us might cling to a romantic…

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Reinventing 100

Atlantans know the 33-story landmark overlooking Woodruff Park as the Equitable Building. With the help of a handful of graduate students in the Ernest G. Welch School of Art and Design, denizens will soon be calling it by its new name, 100 Peachtree.


A Long Love Song

Tom Long’s old FG-180 red label Yamaha could be a country music song — one of that tells a good story, brings a lump to your throat. The guitar has laid around and played around a lot of towns, a lot of honky tonks. It carries old scars, 204 to be exact — the scratched…

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Using Dinners to Open Doorways

Sucheta Rawal (B.B.A. ’02, M.S. ‘04) had never left her native India before coming to Georgia State in 1997. Since then, she’s made up for lost time. Sucheta’s job in finance afforded her the opportunity to travel — four new countries a year, by her estimation. Soon she started blogging about her travels. That blog,…

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First Down and Miles

The rebranding of the Georgia State football program started like this: At 6:07 a.m. on Jan. 14, a Monday, the first day of winter workouts, seven players arrived at the weight room door to find the Little Bald Man blocking the entrance. “You’re late. You can’t come in. Get out of here.” Off-season weight training…

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Heavens DoorFI

Bangin’ on Heaven’s Door

Associate Professor of Music Stuart Gerber performs a Stockhausen score on a custom-built nine-foot door.


Beer Automated

Michael Weeks brews business with pleasure. Weeks, an associate professor of computer science and avid homebrewer, was in the throes of a brewing a batch of India Pale Ale when he had something of a “eureka” moment — and it wasn’t just the beer talking.


The Incomplete Revolution

As director of The Carter Center’s Americas Program, Georgia State Distinguished University Professor of Political Science Jennifer McCoy has worked to broker peace and promote democracy in some of the most unstable Latin American countries.