At Issue: The Iraq War

The recent departure of the last American combat units from Iraq marks an appropriate time to take stock: Was the war worthwhile? Has it made the U.S. more secure?

A Kickoff to History

For years, countless individuals on our campus and elsewhere have been working very hard to make Georgia State University football a reality. Coaches and a staff were hired. Contracts were signed. Players were recruited.

Enriching Communities, Impacting Lives

In my more than two years here, I have cherished little more than the many wonderful people I’ve met – alumni, students, faculty, staff, community supporters and other friends of GSU; they are people who are passionate about Georgia State University. At every turn, it seems, I meet yet another person with an amazing story…

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The Water War

When I was young, every winter was a race between supply and demand for water on my grandfather’s farm. From the fall freeze until the spring thaw, we lived on water in the cistern. The family practiced dry-land agriculture, without irrigation. Water was never taken for granted. James Bross Twenty-five years ago, the Army Corps…

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