Following the Sun to the End of the Earth

Professor Stuart Jefferies leads a multi-institutional crew of scientists opening a solar observatory in the most inhospitable place on the planet — Antarctica.


The Renaissance Kid

On the top floor of Sparks Hall, around the back on the Library Plaza side, a long, dark hallway stretches to the northwest. There’s no one up here. The doors are all shut, and there’s not a light in sight. For a weekday afternoon at the state’s largest public university, the quiet is borderline unnerving.…

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Carrying The Flame

The news that would lead to the most dramatic expansion in the history of Georgia State University came with a vibrating cell phone. It was November 2013, and Mark Becker, who had been president of the university for almost five years, was attending a conference in Washington, D.C. During a lunch break, his phone lit…

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Carl McCray (B.B.A. ’15) remembers the career-altering meeting with his adviser. The youngest of 22 grandchildren, McCray was the first of them to get a college degree. At his high school in the tiny south Georgia town of Fitzgerald (pop. 9,032), “we got it drilled into our heads that the medical field was one of the best to go into because of…

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When Carolyn Lee Wills (B.B.A. ’59) started her career at Eastern Air Lines in 1965, it was the leading carrier on the East Coast and one of the “Big Four” domestic airlines along with American, TWA and United. As the company’s first representative of women’s activities, Wills was hired to “promote travel and sales to…

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On a first date, Larry Lowenstein asked the pretty woman across the table for her hand. She coyly offered it. Larry took her fingers in his. He turned her palm up, and his face grew serious — he’d just finished a book on palm reading. I see that in your future, he said, you will…

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No Bounds

Is Georgia State downtown’s savior? That was the question posed by editors at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution to President Mark Becker two years ago when it was first announced Georgia State was the lead suitor for the 77 acres of Turner Field and its surrounding parking lots. The question is a rhetorical one. In less than…

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The Road of Parris

Parris Lee is irreplaceable in the Georgia State football record book. He scored the first touchdown — ever — for the Panthers on Sept. 2, 2010. Watch it on YouTube. That’s Lee stretched out there on the Georgia Dome turf, straining, yearning, willing himself to the goal line and reaching out with the tip of the football to cross the…

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