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The Future of Food

From now until Labor Day, George Pierce figures he and the scientists in his lab will eat dozens of the state’s most famous fruit — it’s part of their research. “We eat a lot of peaches this time of year. Our hands get sticky,” he says. That’s a sweet perk of some very significant science.…

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Better Mobility

Georgia State’s Center for Pediatric Locomotion Sciences helps children with movement disorders.


War and Honors

Georgia State introduced its Honors College in January 2012. Founding Dean Larry Berman and other Georgia State planners dreamed into being an institution that would directly expose bright, talented undergrads to experiences that transform them into citizens who can make a difference. So far, the program brings ringing endorsements from student scholars. “It’s hard to…

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Nation Rebuilding

Wais Said always dreamed of going back to Afghanistan with the knowledge he gained at Georgia State. In 1978, Said’s family was forced to flee his home country at the onset of the Soviet War. “I’ll never forget the immigration officer in New York who said ‘Welcome home!’” Said said. “We came to Atlanta in…

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Shine On

More than 1.5 billion people lack access to electricity. For the most part, they rely on kerosene lanterns and candles for light, and spend up to 40 percent of their family income on energy that is inefficient and hazardous. When Katherine Lucey took notice of this, she got to work. Katherine Lucey Lucey is the…

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Swimming with the Sharks

Walking through the Georgia Aquarium, you might not realize how much of the experience is created by the design of the building itself or the visuals on the walls. You may not consider how the exact placements of the text and images on an infographic shapes the way you learn about the animals or about…

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Battle of the Bands

It’s an age-old tale: two popular bands have a fight, the media covers both sides, and both groups get plenty of publicity. It certainly worked for the clean-cut Beatles and the wild Rolling Stones, two of the biggest rock bands in history. The rift between the groups was legendary, and is still debated among music…

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The Super Sleuth

A Boston book dealer paid half a million dollars in 2005 for an original printer’s proof of the “Siderius Nuncius,” Galileo’s most important work. The buyer did his due diligence, having the book authenticated by professors at Harvard University, the University of Padua and the Institute for Advanced Studies in Berlin. But it was a fake. Nick Wilding, assistant professor of history…

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