Fire in the Sky

Astronomers at Georgia State’s Center for High Angular Resolution Astronomy (CHARA) at Mt. Wilson, Calif., have produced the first images of a nova as it exploded and measured the expansion of the fireball into space. Georgia State astronomer and research scientist Gail Schaefer led the observations. “It’s not every day that you get to see…

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Life of the Lame Duck

Daniel Franklin, associate professor of political science, examines the challenges second-term presidents encounter in his new book, “Pitiful Giants: Presidents in their Final Terms.”

The Front Line

As the Ebola outbreak and the debate over patient treatment dominated the world’s headlines last fall, Laura Mitchell was caring for the first two American Ebola patients to be treated in the United States. Mitchell is a member of the highly trained specialized healthcare team who cared for Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol. Both…

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Cornerstone of Creativity

If all goes according to plan, Kynton Stephens’ dream job is waiting for him when he graduates Georgia State next spring. He’ll head to a start-up company that designs video games, and he’s pretty sure he’ll get along with the boss. Stephens is CEO of the start-up.

Big Data

Country risk analysis has been a topic of investigation for decades, often focused on forecasting the risks to business profits when investing in a country. While there have been improvements in the breadth and analysis in the research, many scholars and practitioners continue to incorporate limited understandings of risk and a relatively small number of…

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Head Of The Class

Following last year’s announcement of an ambitious plan to overhaul Georgia State’s campus with courtyards, gathering spaces and increased walkability, university planners and educators are now turning their attention to the classrooms. They’re looking beyond desks and overhead projectors to create spaces that will change not just where but how students learn. It’s a change…

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Next Step: Literacy

Early County is a remote patch of southwestern Georgia bottomland pinned against the Chattahoochee River at the Alabama border. More than half of the county’s 11,000 residents are scattered across the countryside, many on farms — peanut and cotton, mostly. Cell phone reception is spotty, and those who can afford Internet access get barely enough bandwidth to check their email account, if they have one.

The Force is Strong with this One

Grad student/lawyer/teacher Brandy Roatsey is the Jedi of Star Wars programming at Dragon Con.