Empowering Employees

The art of empowering people can take many forms. Eleanor Fulton (MBA ’04) has discovered a particularly innovative way to do so by tapping right in to the wants and needs of employees. A benefits package sweetens the deal in any new employment opportunity — but as Fulton wondered, how far does a benefits package…

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History and ‘Hate Ashbury’

Kristina Graves was sure she was mistaken. She was in the arena at the Yaraab Shriners Temple on Ponce de Leon Avenue, cheering on the Atlanta Rollergirls, the local flat-track roller derby team, and from her trackside seat she could have sworn she recognized one of the skaters zipping by. That looks just like Dr. Brattain!

A New Earth

As 2008 was drawing to a close, Andy Hickman was successful but not satisfied, and he wasn’t sure why. He was co-owner of a company he had started in order to escape the corporate cubicle world he found so stifling, and he was making plenty of money. He knew he didn’t want to keep working…

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Entrepreneurial Eats

The business of healthy living keeps Marisa Moore busy. Very busy. As one of just 30 registered dieticians who are spokespeople for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Moore is in constant demand. She’s a regular contributor to HLN, CNN, the Huffington Post, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the Atlanta Journal- Constitution, Food…

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Better Mobility

Georgia State’s Center for Pediatric Locomotion Sciences helps children with movement disorders.

Wrights of Passage

Thirty-five years ago, brothers Adam (B.B.A. ‘97) and Matt Wright were photographed as they sat by the fountain in a newly built Library Plaza the day their father, the late Larry Wright (B.A. ’75, M.A. ’76, Ph.D. ‘79), graduated with his doctoral degree. The Wright brothers (Matt on the left, Adam on the right) in…

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War and Honors

Georgia State introduced its Honors College in January 2012. Founding Dean Larry Berman and other Georgia State planners dreamed into being an institution that would directly expose bright, talented undergrads to experiences that transform them into citizens who can make a difference. So far, the program brings ringing endorsements from student scholars. “It’s hard to…

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Frozen Foodie

How did King of Pops get started? It’s a pretty cool story actually. It started as a daydream or rather a beach-at-night-in-Mexico dream, but wasn’t realized for years later. My older brother, Ashley, was doing dissertation research in Panama so Steven — my younger brother and business partner — and I went to visit in…

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