Virtual Lives

Raegan Hodge was on her way to operate a camera on the set of a forgotten reality television show when a former classmate from Georgia State rang. It was Kate Crosby (B.A. ’03, B.F.A. ’08), head of video production at CARE, one of the world’s largest humanitarian aid organizations. Crosby had an offer: Drop everything and go to Afghanistan for three weeks to record the…

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Media Maker

You might expect the first female editor-in-chief of VICE’s print magazine to be a domineering spitfire, full of one-liners, side-eyeing and devil-may-care promenade, but Ellis Jones is anything but. The 32-year-old media mogul sports a flaxen bob and peers out from behind her bangs and eyeglasses with equal parts grace and certainty. More even-keeled and unassuming than flashy, Jones makes…

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Community Builder

Twenty years after Atlanta welcomed athletes, families, fans and media from more than 160 countries to town for the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games, Mayor Kasim Reed’s staff is working to make Atlanta a welcoming place for its immigrants and refugees. Maria Azuri Atlanta joins 21 other U.S. cities in “Building a Nation of Neighbors,” the…

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A Score of Five Points

Megan Sexton was there when the very first issue of Five Points, A Journal of Literature and Art, Georgia State’s long-running literary magazine, was put to bed. Megan Sexton That first publication is celebrating its 20th birthday this fall. In the two decades since the first issue appeared, Sexton has been a part of each journal — from a doctoral student on the start-up team…

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Good Neighbor

On a Tuesday afternoon just south of Five Points, the peace and quiet can feel downright eerie. Brian Egan Bookended by a pair of MARTA stations, this stretch of Broad Street runs from Trinity Avenue to Alabama Street. Parking lots, vacant storefronts and wide sidewalks play host to flocks of foraging pigeons who navigate around the down-and-out seeking shelter under awnings. Brian Egan strolls down the street and…

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Journey’s End

On May 7, Kaila Yancey (B.A. ’16) finished her college career with a degree in journalism with a double minor in marketing and hospitality management. Watch the behind-the-scenes video from Yancey’s graduation day.

FearlessFive 1200x800

Reel Vision

At the turn of the 21st century, five kids met while students of film, theater and creative writing classes at Georgia State. They found themselves to be similar pieces on the same game board — five cinenthusiasts who wanted, more than sleep or square meals, to make films of their own. They shared a taste for on the- run tacos and off-kilter movies, many of the films laced with dark humor like arsenic.


Macon Good

H&H Restaurant is a downtown Macon, Ga., landmark that’s easy to miss. Tucked into the ground floor of a squat, red-brick cube at the corner of Forsyth and New streets, the breakfast and lunch spot is marked only by a white painted-over Coca-Cola light-box sign hanging above the door. The swinging glass door and a…

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