Entrepreneurial Spirit

Nicole Garner didn’t wait for an opportunity in public relations to come knocking at her door. Instead, she made her own success and hasn’t looked back since. Now the CEO and founder of The Garner Circle PR firm and The Garner Brand, she is building her company one success story at a time. Garner’s company…

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The Biggest Stage

School of Music alums rock the Super Bowl halftime show with Bruno Mars.


Mortarboard Madness!

Georgia State’s newest grads get creative with their caps.


A Coke Can in Space?

For Ted Neill (MBA ’13), helping children is more than a one-day volunteer experience. Neill’s passion for helping others has developed into a lifestyle. He received Georgia State’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Torch of Peace Award for outstanding work with kids in Atlanta and around the world with CARE, an international humanitarian organization fighting…

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Battle of the Bands

It’s an age-old tale: two popular bands have a fight, the media covers both sides, and both groups get plenty of publicity. It certainly worked for the clean-cut Beatles and the wild Rolling Stones, two of the biggest rock bands in history. The rift between the groups was legendary, and is still debated among music…

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