Golf Gone Global

Women’s Golf Coach Cathy Mant, a former LPGA Tour Pro and five-time conference coach of the year, led U.S. Juniors in World Golf Competition in Nagoya, Japan.

The Bat Man

Since 2006, white-nose syndrome has killed an estimated seven million bats in the eastern United States. Last year, the deadly fungal disease was discovered in Georgia. The plague is responsible for the steepest wildlife decline in the past century in North America, according to Bat Conservation International. “Bats are tremendous consumers of pests and insects,…

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Legacy in the Making

Georgia State runs in the family for Anna Boswell. The travel-loving junior wasn’t the first in her family to attend Georgia State. Boswell’s great-grandmother graduated with a bachelor of commercial science degree in 1938. Boswell is a recent recipient of the Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship. Given her strong familial ties to the campus, you might…

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Culture Change

Six ambitious football players parachuted into the Georgia State football complex on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in January. That’s six trained-up ballers arriving to join the scuffling Panthers and help them finally get a big toe into the door of Division 1 football, instead of having that toe bloodied as the door slammed on…

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Covering A Crisis

Derar is a young, stocky Syrian with penetrating eyes and an abrupt urgency. He is also a refugee involved in “the uprising” since Syrians first began to petition for reforms to the government. He was imprisoned and beaten — with the scars to prove it — before fleeing to Turkey for safety. Would he go…

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History And Handlebars

There are many reasons to start your own business. Maybe you see a need in the community that’s not being met. You have a skill or expertise you believe is marketable. Perhaps you have a lifelong passion that you’re trying to fulfill.Or maybe you just can’t think of anything else to do.

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The New Normal

“Jason,” a pre-med student at Georgia State, holds leadership roles in several clubs, has conducted research with doctors at a local hospital and still makes time for his girlfriend, who’s also a college student. And most recently, Jason has taken a weekend restaurant job to help pay his rent. “I used to use weekends to…

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First, We Eat…

Grace Stuhrman, a graduate student in nutrition, is taking on food insecurity on campus by helping to start a food pantry.