The Road of Parris

Parris Lee is irreplaceable in the Georgia State football record book. He scored the first touchdown — ever — for the Panthers on Sept. 2, 2010. Watch it on YouTube. That’s Lee stretched out there on the Georgia Dome turf, straining, yearning, willing himself to the goal line and reaching out with the tip of the football to cross the…

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Family Ties

Jesse Minter grew up with his dad, Rick, coaching college football. Now they’re coaching together for the Panthers.

The Equestrian

Exactly what is “eventing” in the equestrian world? It’s essentially a triathlon type event where you compete with one horse through all three phases. The first phase, called Dressage, is very similar to ballet where you have a test that has specific movements. The second phase is cross-country riding; you have the horse galloping at 25 miles per hour for distances of about four miles with about 25 to 30…

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The Rivalry

Guess who won the inaugural Georgia State/Georgia Southern annual rivalry competition?


Der Coach

When Greg Frady was invited to lunch with members of the German parliament at the Reichstag building in Berlin last spring, a bundle of nerves went with him. However, Frady wasn’t feeling pressured about representing the United States in the way you might expect. “I wasn’t nervous about meeting the politicians,” he said, “it was about knowing which spoon…

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Creating Opportunity

In the summer of 2000, Odie Donald transferred back home to Atlanta from the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga to be closer to his mother, Claire (B.S. ‘90), who was ill. The former top 50 high school recruit in basketball also hoped to become a contributor to then head coach Charles “Lefty” Driesell’s squad. But Donald got a…

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D'Arcy Draper

Military Heritage

Please don’t call them “military brats” but rather appreciate the impact the U.S. Armed Forces has had on these five current Georgia State Panthers. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard, they’ve got them all covered. Five teammates on the women’s basketball team now. Five different backgrounds to get here. They were born in Seoul,…

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Statement Season

Ron Hunter, the Georgia State men’s basketball coach, is ready for your worry. He is going to see you come into the Sports Arena, maybe not expecting much, watch you lounge back in your seat, and he is going to know what you are thinking. “Your NBA guy is gone. What are you going to…

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