The Accidental Ironwoman

The Kona Ironman Triathlon attracts tens of thousands of hopeful participants every year. The grueling event is so popular a lottery system is required. Out of this lottery, only 100 are chosen. Gina Maddox was one of those selected for the 2014 race. There was just one thing — she wasn’t a triathlete yet. Gina…

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Game On!

Charlie Cobb is a man of vision. Well, of course he is a man of vision. Anybody who is 6-foot-6 is supposed to have vision better than most. He can stand in a back corner of a gymnasium and look over the crowd to see the game on the floor. He can look left from…

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Coach Hunter waving at the camera with a boy in Costa Rica

A Mission’s Statement

Head Basketball Coach Ron Hunter took his team on a goodwill trip to Costa Rica to distribute shoes with the charity Samaritan’s Feet. They returned changed men.


A Mission’s Statement

Can there be anything more humbling for a basketball player than making eye contact with the guy who just threw down on you with a ferocious dunk? Well, yes, said Curtis Washington. There is something more humbling than the mental thorns of a dunk.

The Redemption of ‘Jags’

More than a decade ago, when Georgia State head football coach Trent Miles and offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski were young, tireless upstarts trying to carve out a name and a living on the Green Bay Packers’ staff, Miles would spend the night on the beat-up couch in Jagodzinksi’s office. Jeff Jagodzinski “We were the young…

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Leaving a Legacy

Abigail Tere-Apisah (B.S. ’14), Georgia State’s first two-time All-American tennis player and by far the most decorated female athlete in school history, hasn’t quite settled in to her new life as an aspiring professional tennis player. Abigail Tere-Apisah “I love competing with the team, and I will miss that,” she says. Forgive her for harkening…

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The Braves’ New World

Bruce Seaman, associate professor of economics and expert in the business of sports, weighs in on the Atlanta Braves’ controversial move out of downtown to the ‘burbs

The Guardian

Erin Hanson is in the protection business. The mother of five and her husband, Lee, own The Hanson Group, a technology and material sciences company that has developed a range of protective products, including transparent armor for U.S. military vehicles, for example. Several years ago, the company worked with a football helmet manufacturer to create…

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