Change Agent

Cheryl Johnson’s groundbreaking work is creating ripple effects internationally. As a Georgia State undergraduate student, Johnson first earned a degree in International Economics and Modern Language with a focus on German. She served as an Emerging Leader, a member of the Spotlight Programs Board, and a judiciary in the Student Government Association—all of this on…

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Creating Opportunity

In the summer of 2000, Odie Donald transferred back home to Atlanta from the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga to be closer to his mother, Claire (B.S. ‘90), who was ill. The former top 50 high school recruit in basketball also hoped to become a contributor to then head coach Charles “Lefty” Driesell’s squad. But Donald got a…

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Maria’s Way

Maria Perez Manahan (B.S. ’94, M.S.’96) contemplated her next step. Her boss was retiring. It was expected that she would add her resume with the other hopefuls to lead Hemophilia of Georgia. She wasn’t so sure. “Am I wired like a CEO?” she wondered. On paper, yes. Working her way from office assistant to vice…

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Making It

No one can accuse Kelly Jenrette of not chasing her dream. Before Jenrette landed her current gig starring alongside John Stamos in the Fox TV series “Grandfathered,” she lived through nearly a decade of auditions, rejections and bit parts patiently waiting for that big break. “Somebody once told me Harrison Ford was asked what was…

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thedetail 1200x800

Today, any American who was alive at the time can tell you where he or she was on Nov. 22, 1963. But on that day, the Friday President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, Michael Pritchard realized where he was going. Pritchard was 13 years old, sitting in Coach Morris’s sixth-period math class at Atlanta’s Campbell…

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Behind the Lens

For Stephanie Dowda, Georgia State was the birthplace of her creativity. It was the pursuit of a philosophy degree that opened her to the world of the arts. Throughout her career as a fine arts photographer, Dowda has found herself dabbling into just about every angle of the arts. When asked about what made her…

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Helping Home

As Hanan Waite lay in a hospital bed at Atlanta’s Northside Hospital after the premature birth of her son, Ramzi, her thoughts were flooded by what could have been. Waite suffered from complications during her pregnancy, and Ramzi was born two and a half months premature. If she would have delivered in her native Ghana, Waite doubts…

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In Print

Jess Hinshaw and his wife Beth (M.Ed. ‘10) needed one last adventure before entering the professional world. “I was worried that my life was moving in the direction of permanence, and I wanted to travel before I got settled,” Hinshaw said. The couple had an old friend in Joshua Warlick (B.F.A. ‘08) who taught English…

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