Model Student

Marissa Brown (B.S. ’16) is an internationally recognized model for brands such as Nike and Guess, and finished
her bachelor’s degree in just two years.

Piano Management

John Burke, a classically trained pianist with four solo albums under his belt, came to Georgia State to study management and finance, not music. “I’m a pianist instead of a budget analyst or politician, but the master of public administration program prepared me in many ways for my music career,” he said. “As an independent…

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A Force of Talent

Noel Braham is a man on the go, splitting his time between Atlanta and Los Angeles as he pursues his dreams of becoming a professional actor and filmmaker. His leap of faith is paying off. Last year, he wrote, directed, produced and starred in an official selection to the Star Wars Fan Film Awards. His…

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Riding the Wave

There’s no surfing in Woodstock, Ga. It’s more than 2,200 miles from the surfing meccas of California. For Eric Elliott — 16-year-old San Francisco Bay Area transplant, surfing acolyte and new member of Etowah High School’s class of ’97— this was a problem. Eric and his twin brother Lee were enraptured by the surfing culture…

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Multi-Purpose Building

In 2001, Stephanie Y. Drake was vice president for Allied Capital, the investment firm’s first-ever African American woman to ascend to the position. In seven quick years she built a strong career in the commercial real estate development arena. Then, at the age of 32 and at the top of her game, she retired. While…

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The Renaissance Kid

On the top floor of Sparks Hall, around the back on the Library Plaza side, a long, dark hallway stretches to the northwest. There’s no one up here. The doors are all shut, and there’s not a light in sight. For a weekday afternoon at the state’s largest public university, the quiet is borderline unnerving.…

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Big Leaguer

The New Orleans Saints opened the 2016 season with a rookie placekicker who had not even been with the team a week. Back in May, Wil Lutz (B.S. ’15), Georgia State’s 2015 punter and starting placekicker from 2012–15, signed with the Baltimore Ravens as an undrafted free agent only to be cut on Aug. 30…

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Carl McCray (B.B.A. ’15) remembers the career-altering meeting with his adviser. The youngest of 22 grandchildren, McCray was the first of them to get a college degree. At his high school in the tiny south Georgia town of Fitzgerald (pop. 9,032), “we got it drilled into our heads that the medical field was one of the best to go into because of…

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