Wrights of Passage

Brothers Adam and Matt Wright, magazine publishers and vintage auto restorers, recreate an old family photo in Library Plaza

Thirty-five years ago, brothers Adam (B.B.A. ‘97) and Matt Wright were photographed as they sat by the fountain in a newly built Library Plaza the day their father, the late Larry Wright (B.A. ’75, M.A. ’76, Ph.D. ‘79), graduated with his doctoral degree.Wrights1


The Wright brothers (Matt on the left, Adam on the right) in 1979 (above) for their father’s Ph.D. graduation ceremony and in 1997 (below) as seniors.

Flash forward almost 20 years and the brothers were in the throes of their own Georgia State education — Matt in journalism and Adam in business — and they decided to plunk down in the same spot and snap the exact photo.

“We thought it would be fun, and it was significant since we were both going to school 25 years after Dr. Wright,” said Adam Wright.

Both seniors at the time, the brothers Wright were about to embark on successful careers in the publishing industry. That same year, Matt landed a job as a writer and editor at Creative Loafing before graduating (“One class short of a degree!” he says). That experience led him to found his own publication, the seminal hip hop magazine Elemental. Adam quit his corporate job and joined him in the endeavor, and the brothers moved the operation to Brooklyn in the early 2000s.

“Then the downfall in publishing happened, so we saw the writing on the wall and closed down the magazine after 80 issues,” Adam Wright says.

These days, the two are still in business together — they buy, sell and restore vintage Porsches in upstate New York.

The 40th anniversary of the original shot is coming up, and Adam Wright says they’d like to try to keep the project going.

“We don’t live in Atlanta anymore so it’s going to be tough,” he said. “But it would be cool.”