President’s Letter: Setting the Course

As Georgia State University prepares to mark its centennial in 2013, there are countless individuals — on campus and far beyond — working tirelessly to increase the value of a Georgia State education.

In this issue, go inside the landmark ruling in which a federal judge ruled largely in favor of Georgia State in a copyright lawsuit that is garnering national attention. For 20 of the 23 professors whose use of the Electronic Reserves was at issue, the judge concluded that the professors made a “fair use” of the publishers’ works because GSU offered free access to just a small percentage of the books to further a purely educational mission and without any profit motive. Universities around the country are now using the first-of-its-kind ruling to formulate their own fair-use policies.

Also, follow the exciting journey of Iqbal Paroo, who traveled from Kenya to attend Georgia State with encouragement from his uncle who worked at Coca-Cola. See how inspiration from his family and his GSU education led to success in a dynamic career helping some of the world’s neediest people.

Finally, go along with a group of geosciences students on a trip to the Georgia coast, where they sampled sediment to better understand paleotempestology — the study of ancient storms. Led by professor Larry Kiage, their work may lead to new knowledge of how hurricanes have rocked Georgia over the millennia, and what the implications may be for the rest of the world.

This issue is a salute to those who make Georgia State a better place to live, work and learn.


Mark P. Becker