Student Q&A: Jalen Jones

Interview by Leah Seupersad

When Jalen Jones opened his Georgia State University acceptance letter, he shouted, danced and proclaimed to the world, “I don’t need any more colleges. I’m done. I’ve got my college!” Jones’ GSU acceptance letter reaction was filmed by his mom and went viral on Facebook and YouTube. The video has had more than 1,800 views since.

How have your first few days on campus been?

It’s been going pretty well. I’ve been meeting people and trying to figure out where my classes are. I’m taking sociology, film, media and culture, and an intro class.

What first attracted you to the university?

I love singing and playing the guitar, and there was a poster about the GSU School of Music in my chamber music classroom. Then I did some research and found out that GSU has a music technology major, and not many schools offer that. I want to be a music producer.

Your acceptance reaction was filmed by your mom and posted to Facebook and YouTube where it got a lot of views. You were excited!

I can’t even describe the feeling. Once my mom pulled out that acceptance letter, I was done. My parents really encouraged me to go to college, and I know that if you want to go places you need a college degree. I knew that college was the path I wanted  to take, and GSU was where I wanted to be.

Target ran the clip in a recent advertisement. How did it feel to see yourself in a commercial?

Seeing the commercial felt weird because I didn’t believe there was one. They told me it was going to run, but since it was on Telemundo, the Spanish language channel, I never saw it. Several of my friends saw it first and told me about it. But I feel great about it. It’s a nice feeling to know that one video did so much to help me.

How did you feel when Pounce and a few of your fellow Panthers showed up at your doorstep to welcome you?

I was pretty much in shock and awe. It was pretty crazy to know that people took time out of their day to travel up to Kennesaw to congratulate me on my acceptance to GSU. That was really something special.

What are your goals heading into your freshman year?

Short-term is just to wake up on time for class, get great grades and meet new people. Also hopefully get involved with different clubs on campus. I just want to have a really good freshman year.

How did you stay busy this summer?

I took it easy in preparation for my first day at Georgia State. I worked part-time and hung out with friends, mostly.