Student Q&A: Almeera Jiwa and Joseph Shepherd

Almeera Jiwa and Joseph Shepherd Photo by Carolyn Richardson

How did you become interested in broadcasting and get involved with @GSU_News?
Almeera Jiwa:
 I’m studying journalism here, and I have a theatre degree from Studio 58 at Langara College, a theatre conservatory in Vancouver, B.C. I transferred here last summer, and a week before school started I went to GSTV and filled out a few applications for things to get involved in. One of them was “The Scoop,” which is Joseph’s project, so I ended up being a producer for his show. When I found out about @GSU_News, I immediately thought that I’ve got to be a part of this.
Joseph Shepherd: I’m also a journalism major, and I’m originally from Memphis. I came to Atlanta for all of the broadcasting opportunities here. “The Scoop” is a mix of news and satire, kind of like “The Soup,” a little bit comical and a little bit news. From there, this came together.

What exactly is @GSU_News?
 It’s a weekly, two-minute-long news show produced in conjunction with GSTV and University Relations. What we do is reach out and connect with different organizations and connect with them via Facebook and other outlets and find out what’s going on, and we try to find what’s important and what’s relevant. We typically announce things two weeks in advance so students have time to put them into their calendars. I’ve talked to a lot of students and they do wish that they could get out there and get to events, and sometimes they don’t know, so…
JS: There are a lot of cool things going on around campus that busy college kids like us may not know about. Sometimes I’ll hear about an event and be like, “Man! I wish I knew that was yesterday. I would have gone!” From there, we write it out and put it into a narrative. And we try to have as much fun with it as possible.

And @GSU_News is only distributed through social media?
JS: Yes, through YouTube. The good thing about YouTube is that you can get the word out in so many ways – you can tweet it, or put it on your Facebook page. The video is less than two minutes, so if you’re walking to class you can watch this and get what you need easily. It’s a very professional production.

Are you looking for a career in the industry?
 I would like to be a producer in film and television. With my theater background, I did a lot of producing for theater and large-scale events in Vancouver, and I’d really like to break in to the film and TV broadcasting industry.
JS: Yeah, I want to do the hosting and entertainment stuff … you know, knock out Ryan Seacrest. He’s getting old.

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