Local: Megan Lankford

by Leah Seupersad

Megan Lankford is one of 38 GSU students enrolled in the Early Childhood Education Urban Accelerated Certification and Masters’ Program that tutored a handful of recently resettled refugee children one-on-one at a Refugee Family Services (RFS) summer camp.

“I love to teach and I love kids,” said Lankford, while working with a 7-year-old girl from Thailand. “It is really helpful to get to know this population that we’re getting trained to work with, but it’s also helpful because we’re learning about literacy in the morning and we get to apply those same ideas and theories in the afternoon.”

The project, supported by a grant sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of English Language Acquisition, is part of the curriculum for their first literacy methods course.

Besides tutoring twice a week, the students also participate in a web-based instructional system outside of class, which includes both short lectures and exemplary teaching examples.

Debora Furce, RFS youth and school services program manager, said that “having volunteers who are trained and who can devote individualized time to each child will mean so much for their education.”