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Aubrey Daniels

Aubrey Daniels

Aubrey Daniels says that Concrete Jungle, the organization he co-founded to harvest fresh fruit from untended trees and distribute it to the needy, grew out of a party.

“We decided to collect a few apples from the side of the road and have a big party where we pressed them into cider,” said Daniels, who is slated to graduate in the spring with a master’s in economics. “‘Ciderfest’ was a hit, and it became an annual event.”

Over time, Daniels said, “a few of us started to develop ‘the eye’ and realized that there are fruit trees absolutely everywhere in Atlanta.”

In 2009, Daniels and friends began weekend expeditions to collect all those pears, apples, plums, figs — even pomegranates and serviceberries — from trees and bushes all around Atlanta, and donated their harvests to local shelters.

Since its founding, Concrete Jungle has donated more than 5,000 pounds of fresh fruit. This year, despite it being a rough year for apples and pears, Daniels figures to add another 2,000 pounds to that total.