Songkhla Venza and other students in the GSU chapter of the American Undergraduate Dental Association this summer helped to bring smiles to the faces of people who can't afford dental care.

Songkhla Venza

Songkhla Venza

The students volunteered to work with Medical College of Georgia dental students at the Ben Massell Dental Clinic, metro Atlanta’s major indigent dental care clinic. They assisted with multiple dental procedures such as tooth extraction, fillings and even root canals.

“The best thing about being able to volunteer here is that you get an experience that many people don’t get anywhere else,” said Venza, president of the GSU AUDA chapter.

Beyond learning, though, the experience was highly rewarding, said Tabatha Reece.

“It’s great to work with Massell,” Reece said. “After coming in, the clients just feel better, and feel better about themselves. Until you go and do it, you don’t realize how rewarding it truly is.”