Helping Home

Hanan Waite (B.S.N ’08.) brings hope and medical care to her native Ghana.

As Hanan Waite lay in a hospital bed at Atlanta’s Northside Hospital after the premature birth of her son, Ramzi, her thoughts were flooded by what could have been.

Waite suffered from complications during her pregnancy, and Ramzi was born two and a half months premature. If she would have delivered in her native Ghana, Waite doubts neither she nor her son would have survived.

Hanan Waite

“I knew right then I had to do something to help there,” she said.

In Ghana, Waite was orphaned at eight years old. At 15, an aunt brought her to the U.S. where she put her desire to help others to work. She earned her nursing degree and is now a neonatal nurse at the very hospital where her son, now a healthy and happy four year old, was born.

“Ghana’s hospitals have minimal staff, rampant corruption and a lack of funds, supplies and equipment,” Waite said.

Waite founded Earth’s Angels in 2012 to provide care for young mothers and children in her native country. The organization first focused on Ridge Hospital in Accra, Ghana, and since has sent three shipments of medical supplies there.

Earth’s Angels also provides support to the Gwinnett Women and Children’s Shelter, and recently sent medical aid, clothing, infant formula and other supplies to Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

“Earth’s Angels has taught me that after 100 disappointments, there is a victory around the corner,” she said.