Global: Sara Allegra

globalSara Allegra (M.S.W. ’11) is founder of the Sub-Saharan Education Project, an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in the African nation of Ghana by developing educational opportunities for school-aged children.

The S.S.E.P. reaches out to address Ghana’s educational challenges through various engagement and mobilization projects. One project, called Nkuranhye – meaning “to motivate” in the native Ghanaian language – partners with four schools in Ghana to target middle school students at risk of dropping out due to financial hardship. The program awards scholarships to students and implements enrichment programs geared toward learning.

This year, S.S.E.P. is involved in building a school in the rural village of Kyenkyenase in the Western region of Ghana. The organization’s long-term goal is to help construct rural schools throughout Ghana and build a network of urban and rural partner schools.

“I truly believe that the education level of a society directly contributes to healthy and livable communities,” Allegra said. “It’s hugely important for youth everywhere to have access to education.”