From the President

By doing things the #Stateway, we're advancing learning, research and economic enterprise.

The changes, ideas and innovations that have fueled Georgia State’s steep trajectory over the past several years have been the foundation of the university’s burgeoning national reputation. Colleges and universities across the country, political leaders and news media have recognized Georgia State’s achievements, leadership and creativity as we continue to solve the challenges of higher education. That’s why U.S. News & World Report ranks Georgia State alongside MIT and Stanford as one of the top four most innovative institutions in the country.

MarkBeckerWe’re making waves and having an impact on all fronts.

We’ve completed the purchase of the facility formerly known as Turner Field, now Georgia State Stadium, and proudly display the university’s name on the stadium’s digital marquee billboard seen by thousands of commuters each day. We are changing the way our students learn and helping them graduate faster, be more productive and save millions on the pathway to their degrees. We’ve proven students from all backgrounds can succeed at the same level, and we continue to receive incredible national attention from our peers and the news media for our success.

Our faculty scholars are at work every day pursuing solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems. It is hard to imagine we became an official research university just 20 years ago. The Carnegie Foundation now lists us among the nation’s most productive and fastest growing research institutions. Our funding has skyrocketed by 75 percent over the last five years. And since just 2014, our annual research awards have climbed more than $40 million.

We’re a well-recognized catalyst for Atlanta’s growth and development. Our economic impact across the metropolitan region tops $2.45 billion each year. We’ve built a modern campus down- town through our adaptive reuse of vacated high rises and office buildings, and our construction of new buildings. Since consolidating with Perimeter College two years ago, we’ve expanded to seven campuses across metro Atlanta. We’re now the largest university in Georgia with more than 50,000 students.

We’ve earned our national reputation. And we need you to help us spread the Georgia State story far and wide. As our alumni and friends, you are our best advocates and most persuasive champions.

We do things the #thestateway, and we know you do, too. We want you to share your stories of success with us so we can proclaim them loudly and proudly. Without you, Georgia State wouldn’t be the university it is today.




Mark P. Becker President