Enriching Communities, Impacting Lives

GSU's reach felt locally and globally

In my more than two years here, I have cherished little more than the many wonderful people I’ve met – alumni, students, faculty, staff, community supporters and other friends of GSU; they are people who are passionate about Georgia State University. At every turn, it seems, I meet yet another person with an amazing story about what we do here, how it has affected and changed lives and, often, made a rich impact on the world for all of us.

You’ll meet a number of these people in this issue, beginning with those behind the microphone at WRAS 88.5, Georgia State’s student-run radio station, which turns 40 this year (page 26).


You’ll get to know some of the pioneering students who helped found the station in 1971 and follow their journey of transforming WRAS into one of the premier student-run radio stations in the country.

Also, you’ll meet Vicki Escarra (B.S. ’76), who parlayed her love of helping those less fortunate into a fulfilling and inspirational career overseeing what is now the nation’s largest domestic hunger charity (page 30).

Finally, you’ll find the story of Fernando Reati, chair of GSU’s Department of Modern and Classical Languages and co-chair of GSU’s Center for Human Rights and Democracy, who underwent unimaginable torture in the mid-1970s in Argentina for being a student activist during the country’s “Dirty War.” Learn along with his students how Reati broke his silence decades later to illuminate the transgressions of his captors, a daring move that is leading to greater liberation of Argentine society (page 34).

I invite you to celebrate the many talented and wonderful people on our campus, in our community, and far beyond, who help shape the beautiful mosaic that is, and always will be, Georgia State University.



Mark P. Becker