Poster Art

This past spring, Tribeca Film Festival’s creative director and Welch School alumnus Dan Dickson (B.F.A. ’00) issued a challenge to his old mentor, associate professor Stan Anderson, and Anderson’s senior design class: create hypothetical posters for the festival.

The students didn’t disappoint the client, Dickson said, noting that the inventive posters illustrate multiple aspects of the festival. They didn’t disappoint their instructor, either.

“Teaming up students with real clients has always been the focus of my teaching,” Anderson said. “All our reputations are on the line each time I enlist the assistance from an outside client. The students have never let me, or themselves down. They always bring their best work to the assignments.”

Dickson and the film festival’s staff were so impressed that they featured several of the new designs on the official Tribeca website, calling them “refreshing and surprising.”

“Dan was so instrumental in not only organizing this one-of-a-kind design assignment for the seniors but he also spent hours with the class via Skype discussing and critiquing their work,” Anderson said. “It was an amazing experience for everyone.”

Check out the posters below.