Steven Cantor’s one-man band

With a last name that comes from the Latin for “to sing,” it’s no surprise that Georgia State alumnus Steven Cantor should be known for his vocal prowess.

But his talent isn’t singing: it’s beatboxing.

Cantor grew up in Alpharetta and came to Georgia State to study film, graduating with his degree in 2012. This spring he is touring the country as a featured act with UniverSoul Circus, performing as HeaveN Beatbox. After his first club performances in 2010 he quickly made a name for himself as a rising star in the beatboxing world, even landing a gig opening for rapper Big Boi of Outkast. He credits his Georgia State studies — which included a minor in theater — with helping him get comfortable onstage. Beat Boxer Steven Cantor

“That whole program truly helped develop my live performance,” Cantor said. “They really helped me learn how to physically express myself in front of large crowds and communicate through movement, which is no easy or small task.”

As a child, Cantor often used his body to create sound effects. He turned his focus to beatboxing as he grew older. Starting out, “I researched people like Kenny Muhammad, The Human Orchestra, and got involved with the beat-box community,” Cantor told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Beatboxing has taken Cantor around the country and the world. He won the title of vice champion at the 2012 American Beatbox Championship in New York and placed third at the 2012 Boss Loop Pedal World Championship in Hollywood, Calif. In 2011 he went on a multiweek tour of India, organized by the U.S. Embassy and Indian consulates, with a renowned break-dancing crew called HaviKoro. As part of the tour, he performed and taught children and college students about the different elements of hip-hop.

Now a seasoned performer, Cantor likes to get the audience involved and connect with them.

“Just the nature of what I do tends to attract attention,” Heaven told the AJC. “I love what I do, and my show reflects that. It doesn’t feel like work. It’s more like hanging out with friends.”