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Summer 2016

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Der Coach

When Greg Frady was invited to lunch with members of the German parliament at the Reichstag building in Berlin last spring, a bundle of nerves went with him. However, Frady wasn’t feeling pressured about representing the United States in the way you might expect. “I wasn’t nervous about meeting the politicians,” he said, “it was about knowing which spoon…

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Dr. Sue

Dr. Susan Henderson started on her public health career path two decades ago as a Peace Corps volunteer in the small, tropical West African nation of Togo. Her journey has carried her around the world to Beijing and back again. Now based in Washington, D.C., Henderson is chief of epidemiology and surveillance for the Peace…

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Church and State

Manikka Bowman has always seen the connection between public policy and theology. “I grew up in Louisiana, and my pastor was a city councilman, so this intersection has always been a part of my frame of reference,” she said. “It’s a built-in organized mechanism. If you want to affect policy at any level, you have…

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Journey’s End

On May 7, Kaila Yancey (B.A. ’16) finished her college career with a degree in journalism with a double minor in marketing and hospitality management. Watch the behind-the-scenes video from Yancey’s graduation day.

Election Arbiters

Political Science Professor Henry “Chip” Carey explains the role of superdelegates in the 2016 presidential race.

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