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Winter 2016

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Media Maker

You might expect the first female editor-in-chief of VICE’s print magazine to be a domineering spitfire, full of one-liners, side-eyeing and devil-may-care promenade, but Ellis Jones is anything but. The 32-year-old media mogul sports a flaxen bob and peers out from behind her bangs and eyeglasses with equal parts grace and certainty. More even-keeled and unassuming than flashy, Jones makes…

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Bench Trial

The first pass to Everett Morris was always the last. And then up it went. He wasn’t selfish. He was just doing as the crowd commanded: “Shoot!” Morris was the 12th man for the Panthers, a 6-foot-1-inch guard, a walk-on player his junior year. By the time Morris finally entered a game — after he got out of the steel chair he’d been sitting in for…

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Virtual Lives

Raegan Hodge was on her way to operate a camera on the set of a forgotten reality television show when a former classmate from Georgia State rang. It was Kate Crosby (B.A. ’03, B.F.A. ’08), head of video production at CARE, one of the world’s largest humanitarian aid organizations. Crosby had an offer: Drop everything and go to Afghanistan for three weeks to record the…

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Big Leaguer

The New Orleans Saints opened the 2016 season with a rookie placekicker who had not even been with the team a week. Back in May, Wil Lutz (B.S. ’15), Georgia State’s 2015 punter and starting placekicker from 2012–15, signed with the Baltimore Ravens as an undrafted free agent only to be cut on Aug. 30…

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Beat The Rap

Atlanta is making major investments to shore up the city’s water supply. Michael Price, associate professor of economics, tells us what’s going on.

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